In an unconference,  attendees are also asked to participate by hosting a session on a topic they they want to share. This is how we learn from each other  – it’s what makes the camp experience so inspiring.

Please propose your session ideas in the comments section here. Anything goes as long as it’s related to drawing/sketching/mark-making or visual thinking.

3 Responses to Sessions

  1. drawcamp says:

    Reigniting your creative spark:
    “As creatives, we usually have no shortage of good ideas. There are times, however, when inspiration and motivation elude us. Looming deadlines, fussy clients, uninteresting projects, or feelings of fatigue which suggest the onset of burnout: all of these can work to effectively extinguish our creative fire. When we find ourselves in these situations, we need methods to help reignite our creative spark and rekindle the creative flame that burns within us.” -Denise Jacobs, 2011

    This session is inspired by a recent Denise Jacobs article that appeared on A List Apart. Let’s share ideas for how to stay fresh, banish our evil inner critics, and keep from getting burnt out in this session.

  2. Machines that Draw

    We’ll look at a variety of robotic drawing machines and what they do. Do they make art, are they art themselves, or both? Besides looking at a number of existing projects, we’ll also have a hands-on demo of an Egg-Bot, which is a CNC robot that draws on spherical objects as well as a cheap/simple Drawbot that makes crazy art on large pieces of paper.

  3. Tim Demeter says:

    Session description:

    If you’re an illustrator, we’ve got good news for you: no one reads anymore – especially in digital media. As such, having that perfect image for that blog, or single, or app, or whatever has become more important than ever. Find us a piece of digital media without an illustration of some kind and we’ll show you a piece of digital media no one engages.

    Regardless of your medium, your job as illustrator is to get that 1,000 words into your picture and to get them all into someone’s head in about 1.5 seconds. Lucky for you, we know how to do that.

    Join comic book editor/illustrator/writer Tim Demeter as he discusses effective storytelling through art, the evolution of illustration in the digital age, and how you can catch up to it whether you’re tech-savvy or not.

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