Signup for Drawcamp

Welcome! We are so excited to host the second (sort of) annual Drawcamp at BYO Studios on Sunday 10/23/11 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We’re working hard to organize a great event for you and will post more info as we get it. There are only 50 spots so please sign up soon.

There will be three tracks at drawcamp:

  1. Visual thinking for UX, architecture, and engineering, and pitiching projects
  2. Illustration, narrative, and comics
  3. Traditional/fine-art
  4. Ok, there will be 4 tracks because we need to have room for things like robots. (We’re looking at you, @raster.)

The format:
In the morning, there will be three keynotes by artists and practitioners, one to cover each topic. In the afternoon, we’ll have an open grid unconference format with three session tracks.

Each track will be on one of the three topics (or robots).

You’ll be able to present and attend sessions on any of the tracks, mixing and matching them according to your interests.

Arrive at 8:30 a.m. for coffee and snacks. Later in the morning, there will be a bloody mary (cash) bar for attendees 21 and over – because we’re Milwaukeeans and that’s how we roll.

About donations:

We love hosting Drawcamp because it means we get to sketch and draw and learn and share with awesome people like you! But it does take (a lot of) time and and money to produce. Please consider a donation of whatever amount you think an all day seminar on drawing is worth to you.

If there is any money left over after covering expenses, donations will be reserved to set up funding for Drawcamp 3 in 2012. This will provide us with the resources required to hatch our evil plan for world domination by visual thinkers. Also, we will use that money for such things as flying speakers in from out of town and making Drawcamp ever more awesomer in the years to come.

Surplus donations will be given to Jill Engel, an art teacher at the Alliance School to help her cover costs for art supplies. Drawcamp loves art teachers.

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