Effective storytelling with illustration

Presented by Tim Demeter
comic book editor/illustrator/writer and fearless leader of the Milwaukee chapter of Drink and Draw Social Club

If you’re an illustrator, we’ve got good news for you: no one reads anymore – especially in digital media. As such, having that perfect image for that blog, or single, or app, or whatever has become more important than ever. Find us a piece of digital media without an illustration of some kind and we’ll show you a piece of digital media no one engages.

Regardless of your medium, your job as illustrator is to get that 1,000 words into your picture and to get them all into someone’s head in about 1.5 seconds. Lucky for you, we know how to do that.

Join comic book editor/illustrator/writer Tim Demeter as he discusses effective storytelling through art, the evolution of illustration in the digital age, and how you can catch up to it whether you’re tech-savvy or not.

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